In conjunction with COP28, the U.S. government announced a declaration that it aims to triple the capacity of the world's nuclear power plants by 1 in order to limit the temperature rise to 5.2050 degrees Celsius, and more than 3 countries, including Japan, endorsed it.

The declaration was announced at the venue of COP28 held in the UAE = United Arab Emirates, attended by Special Envoy Kerry in charge of climate change issues in the Biden administration of the United States and French President Emmanuel Macron.

In this report, nuclear energy will play an important role in achieving "net zero," which is the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero, and it will cooperate to triple the power generation capacity of nuclear power plants worldwide by 2050 compared to 2020.

In addition to Japan, more than 3 countries endorsed the declaration, including France, a major nuclear power plant, and the UAE, which holds the presidency of COP28.

An international environmental NGO has issued a statement about this, criticizing that "nuclear power plants are unstable, dangerous, and economically irrational power sources, and world leaders have not learned from the failures of the nuclear industry in recent years.