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Boris Palmer, independent, has found new allies


Jan-Philipp Strobel / dpa

The mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, who resigned after many quarrels with the Greens, surprisingly seeks political connections elsewhere. In the 2024 Baden-Württemberg local elections, Palmer wants to be a member of the district parliament and has made representations to the Free Voters Association (FWV) for this purpose.

The chairman of the parliamentary group, Thomas Hölsch, is enthusiastic. "We are honored that Palmer sees us as a haven for his political activities," Hölsch told SPIEGEL. With Palmer as Zupgferd, Hölsch hopes that the Free Voters will become the strongest force in the district council of the Tübingen district in the future. So far, it's the Greens.

The Free Voters Association is not a political party. "As an association, we represent the bourgeois-conservative camp," says parliamentary group leader Hösch. Above all, mayors, but also craftsmen or other self-employed people are represented there. "If you want to enter the district council as an independent, then we are the right people," says Hölsch. He is mayor of the small community of Dußlingen near Tübingen.

A long time ago, he wrote Boris Palmer a WhatsApp, says Hölsch. If that no longer fits with the Greens, the Free Voters would be open to him at any time. Palmer wants to represent the interests of Tübingen with its 90,000 inhabitants, says Hölsch, which is understandable. The city pays almost half of the district levy, the increase of which puts many municipalities in great financial difficulties.

A place on the list for Palmer is certain

There is no doubt that Palmer will get a place on the list, Hölsch said. Which one will be decided at a nomination meeting in the spring.

Boris Palmer plans to speak at a press conference on Monday. The »Schwäbische Tagblatt« had first reported on Palmer's plans.

Palmer has been mayor of Tübingen since 2007. He was repeatedly criticized for xenophobic statements and faced accusations of racism. He received nationwide recognition for his management during the corona pandemic and his municipal environmental policy.