Al-Qassam Brigades hand over Israeli detainees under truce agreement with Israel (Al Jazeera)

The newspaper "Yeni Safak" published an article by the Turkish writer and academic Yasin Aktay in which he praises the Qassam Brigades and describes its combat performance as heroic, and its treatment of Israeli detainees with humanity that surpassed Israel's treatment of Palestinian detainees.

Aktay noted that Israel has not left its status as an immoral and illegal "terrorist" entity, but has shown it more strongly than ever.

He added that the scenes that took place during the exchange of detainees provided an opportunity for the world to compare the Qassam Brigades with the Israeli occupation forces, referring to Israel's detention of children, even 12 years old. On the other hand, he said, every prisoner released by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) turns into a wonderful media legend for Hamas and its military wing, the Qassam Brigades.

Thoughtful treatment

He went on to say that the treatment of Israeli detainees did not appear to be an exception or an individual act of one or two persons, but rather a carefully and principled treatment by all Qassam members and all detainees without distinction, suggesting that it was a committed application of the great morality of Islam even in the event of war.

Commenting on the footage of the handover of Israeli detainees, he said that every prisoner bids farewell to Qassam men as if they were friends who are separated as in the movies, due to excessive gentle treatment of them during detention, not to mention torture and arbitrariness, thus achieving Hamas and al-Qassam a moral victory, while Israel has been experiencing successive defeats.

Cancel the hypothesis of no championship with technology

Addressing the hypothesis that heroism has no place in contemporary warfare governed by the advanced technological defense industry, the Qassam Brigades, as a small human group with very limited capabilities to withstand the world's most technologically advanced armies, has completely abolished this hypothesis and buried it with what it buried under the flood of its great heroism.

He added that the Qassam penetration of the Iron Dome and its 50-day steadfastness against violent and immoral attacks by Israel provided a unique and exceptional example of heroism, and that the ingenuity, courage and boldness shown by the Qassam soldiers, who chased legendary high-tech tanks with their relatively simple weapons and explosives during the ground offensive on Gaza, were the most obvious manifestations of heroism.

Dispelling the atmosphere of despair

Aktay went on to say that Qassam heroics would have cascading effects on the entire world, shattering Israel's image and dispelling a climate of despair that sees no prospect of change in the unjust Zionist-capitalist world order.

The nobility, politeness and dignity shown by the Qassam soldiers during the release of each detainee proved that their heroism was not a coincidence and was not an isolated incident, he said, but rather had the roots of the heroes that go back to their Islamic composition, thus conveying the greatness of Islam and its true message to the whole world and erasing the distorted images that the Islamophobic industry has been trying to spread for years with products such as ISIS.

Source : Turkish Press