Karlslund in northeastern Landskrona has long been seen as a problem-ridden residential area. Just over two years ago, the area was classified as among the worst in Sweden and was seen as a particularly vulnerable area.

That is, an area where the police find it difficult to fulfil their mission and where there are parallel social structures.

"We've been here a lot, we've collaborated with the city and the property owners to break the trend," says Elouise Svensson, acting local police chief in Landskrona.

New list from the police

On Friday, the police released their updated list of vulnerable areas in Sweden, where Karlslund has climbed. Just over two years ago, the area went from the worst position of the police to the second worst.

Now Karlslund is instead classified as a so-called vulnerable area, with low socio-economic status and where criminals still have an impact on the local community.

So it has not been without its problems.

"It's an area that has gotten a lot better over the years, but you go from the scale down, so we won't stop working in the area.

More police in the city

The Landskrona Police will therefore continue to work with their methods, where an important cornerstone is the crime prevention work, and this year a municipal police officer has been added to work with just that.

"We have methods that we work according to, and crime prevention is an important part of that and something that we will continue to do," says Elouise Svensson.