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The spokesman for the media office in the Gaza Strip presented the toll of the losses left by the renewed Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, stressing that the aid that entered the Gaza Strip during the truce does not exceed 1% of the Strip's need.

The spokesman confirmed – in a press conference from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital – that 6150 children and 4 thousand women are among the martyrs who fell in the Israeli bombardment, while thousands of the bodies of the martyrs are still under the rubble, and the competent teams were unable to retrieve them.

The official statement of the media office revealed that the number of missing in the Israeli bombardment exceeded 6500,37, and the injuries are estimated at about <>,<> wounded, in addition to dozens of injuries caused by the Israeli aggression today.

As the occupation army continues its genocidal war against the Palestinian people, the wheel of life has come to a complete halt and vital facilities such as bakeries, water filling stations, the operation of wells and rainwater drainage pumps have come to a halt.

The Information Office stressed that the Gaza Strip is facing a real and worsening humanitarian catastrophe due to the destruction by the occupation army of more than 60% of homes and housing units in the Gaza Strip, especially in the northern Gaza and Gaza governorates.

He added that the humanitarian catastrophe coincides with the entry of winter, the severe cold and the difficulty of obtaining homes to house more than 50,250 families who lost their homes when the occupation completely destroyed them, and more than <>,<> housing units were partially destroyed and are in need of restoration and construction.

He pointed out that the health sector in the Gaza Strip is under very difficult, dangerous and complex pressure due to its direct targeting by the occupation army, stressing the suspension of more than 26 hospitals and 55 health centers.

As for aid, the spokesperson for the press office confirmed that the aid that entered the Gaza Strip during the truce does not exceed 1% of the Gaza Strip's need. He said the sector needed to bring in a thousand trucks of aid and one million liters of fuel a day.

Source : Al Jazeera