The last time Robert Gustafsson could be seen playing summer farce in Kalmar was in the summer of 2019. After that, there was a two-year break from the pandemic and then the theatre, which is owned by Robert Gustafsson and Vicky von der Lancken, has been rented out to his father's colleague Thomas Petersson for a couple of summers.

But the longing for Krusenstiernska's stage eventually became too great for Robert Gustafsson.

"There's something very special about summer theatre. It's children's theatre for adults, I usually say. The audience is so involved and can be heard much more than in a regular theatre.

Loyal Audience

Despite several tough years for the theatre industry, the Krusenstiernska Theatre has continued to do well financially. This is because they have a loyal audience and the concept appeals to all ages, Robert Gustafsson believes.

"Krusenstiernska doesn't seem to be as sensitive to economic situations or fluctuations in society. It's something people don't want to miss," he says.

Playing a triple role

The 2024 summer farce will be "Oops, one more" by Ray Cooney from 1966 – a play in which Gustafsson plays a triple role. Both the main character – and his two twin brothers.

Hear him tell us more about this summer's farce at the Krusenstiernska Theatre in the clip.