2020. The pandemic paralyzed sports in Sweden and the stands were empty. The revenues of several sports clubs plummeted. This prompted many associations to apply for pandemic support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, including the company behind Dalkurd FF.

A grant of SEK 2,415,956 was granted for the year 2020. But the happiness was short-lived and the club was obliged to repay the entire amount. A decision that has been appealed but has become final.

Collapse through the league system

When Dalkurd moved to Uppsala in 2018, they were an Allsvenskan team. However, they were eliminated from the series and then played two seasons in Superettan before also being relegated from that series. Since then, they have been commuting between Superettan and Division 2, but now the door to the former series is closed.

Millions in losses

In addition to the debt to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Dalkurd has also been sentenced to pay SEK 1.2 million to the former cooperation club Uppsala-Kurd, as reported by UNT. Furthermore, UNT has also reported that Dalkurd in 2022 reported a loss of SEK 3.8 million and had an equity of SEK 300,000 at year-end.

Denied elite license

Now, the club's elite license is not renewed. This was announced by the Swedish Football Association's licensing board on Friday. The decision states, among other things:

"DK Elit AB has not delivered certificates regarding payments as of August 31, 2023 and has otherwise not delivered sufficient supporting documents regarding the continued operation throughout the following year, taking into account the many payment remarks that have existed during the year 2023, and thus does not meet the requirement to be able to obtain an elite license for the year 2024."

In addition to Dalkurd, it is also clear that Bromölla IF does not meet the requirement for an elite license. This was after not registering a head coach who meets the right criteria.

SVT Uppsala has reached out to both Dalkurd and the Licensing Board for a comment.