The former vice-president of the Junta, Juan Marín, revealed on Friday that the national leadership of Ciudadanos pressured him to break the pact in the Junta with the PP and negotiate a new government with the PSOE that would give the presidency to the orange party.

According to Marín, the pressures lasted two years but Andalusia refused to succumb to them: "Andalusia was at stake, not the interests of a party," he said.

During an informative talk with Elías Bendodo, former advisor to the Presidency of the Junta and current deputy secretary general of Regional and Municipal Policy, Juan Marín recalled how in the Andalusian coalition government they decided to "encapsulate" themselves, so as not to be contaminated by the pressures coming from the leadership of their respective parties. At that time, the tension between the PP and Cs outside Andalusia was growing to the point that the pacts in Castilla y León, the Region of Murcia or the Community of Madrid were blown up.

Marín has ironically said that he was finally expelled from his party. Today, several high-ranking officials of Cs who were part of that government occupy different positions in the Junta by appointment of Juanma Moreno. Juan Marín is the president of the Economic and Social Council of Andalusia.

The meeting between Marín and Bendodo took place within the framework of an informative forum organised by Europa Press Andalucía on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the elections of 2 December 2018, which was won by the PSOE, but which allowed an agreement between three of the centre-right and the right (PP, Cs and Vox) that gave the Presidency of the Junta to the Popular Party for the first time.

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