El Salvador: Claudia Juana Rodriguez, an interim president to prepare for Bukele's re-election

In El Salvador, for the first time in the country's history, a woman took power, Claudia Juana Rodriguez, the secretary to the presidency. She will replace current President Nayib Bukele, who is running for re-election in the 2024 presidential election. The condition for the head of state to be able to stand for re-election is to leave office six months before the elections.

It is this Friday, December 1 that the president will leave his place to prepare for the future elections, he will be replaced by Claudia Juana Rodriguez, a first in the history of the country. Reuters / JOSE CABEZAS

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It is this Friday, December 1st, that the president will leave his place, the Parliament has authorized him to do so, as well as his vice-president, who is also a candidate. And the symbol is strong since the creation of the Republic of El Salvador in 1841, it is the first time that a woman has taken the reins of the country.

And it's not just any woman. Claudia Juana Rodriguez, 42, is the secretary to the current head of state, Nayib Bukele. In fact, it was he himself who proposed his name to Parliament to replace him. Little is known about her, other than that she has been in the president's inner circle for more than a decade.

A relative of Bukele

With a bachelor's degree in business administration, she got her start as CFO of Obermet, the advertising company founded by Nayib Bukele's father and still owned by his family. When the latter became mayor of a town near San Salvador in 2012, she joined his team, and remained at the side of Nayib Bukele, still in charge of the treasury, when he became mayor of the capital.

It is therefore quite logical that Claudia Juana Rodriguez is appointed Secretary to the Presidency in 2022. It is therefore a person he trusts who will lead El Salvador during the presidential campaign until March 30, 2024, the date of the election that Nayib Bukele hopes to win again.

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