On Monday night, the Israeli military (IDF) carried out another raid on a refugee camp in Jenin in the West Bank.

Two adults and two boys were shot dead during the raid.

In a video first published by the Palestinian news agency Waifa, and then by several international media outlets, eight-year-old Adam is seen being hit by gunshots while running from the scene.

SVT's foreign reporter Stefan Åsberg is on site in the West Bank with photographer Johannes Tolf, and has talked to Adam's older brothers Bahaa Alghoul, 14 years old, and Mohammad Alghoul, 18 years old.

"There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to kill a child of eight years," says Mohammed Alghoul.

The family remembers Adam

The family has set up cement blocks at the place where Adam lost his life. They have a memorial service on Friday to honor the boys.

"My brother had barely had time to think about the future. He hadn't seen anything of life. And they killed him," says Bahaa Alghoul.

According to residents of the refugee camp, the IDF has carried out about 30 raids on Jenin since August. The Palestinian Authority says the boys were shot dead by Israeli forces. Israel says its soldiers fired back at people who threw grenades at its forces during the operation.

The killing of the two boys has not yet been commented on by the IDF.

"Adam was the nicest in the whole family. He was the best of us and we joked a lot," says Bahaa Alghoul.

In the clip you can see Stefan Åsberg's report from Jenin.