Russia's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to ban the LGBTQ movement from operating in the country with immediate effect and labeled the movement as extremist.

Peter Sidlund Ponkala believes that the decision is a restriction on freedom of expression, the right to assemble and LGBTQ people's basic human rights.

"This is a terrible decision. It's very serious and can have very big consequences for a lot of people," he says.

"Can't just express his disgust"

It is difficult to know how the decision will affect individuals, says Peter Sidlund Ponkala. However, he believes that it will affect those who work with human rights and LGBTQ issues with an increased risk of discrimination, persecution and violence.

Following the Supreme Court's decision, a Russian organization, which works with LGBTQ people's rights, has announced that it is disbanding its activities.

"We regret to announce that our colleagues have now left the country," the organization "Delo LGBT+" writes on Telegram.

Peter Sidlund Ponkala believes that governments that claim to defend human rights now have a heavy responsibility in the matter.

"You can't just express your disgust, you can also try to take action to improve this situation," he said.