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For the second time, in about fifteen days, ERC spokesperson Gabriel Rufián (41) and Portuguese midfielder Luis Figo (51) clashed on the X network when the latter questioned the salary of the Catalan politician and the "hard" of his work, in a message accompanied by the typical faces crying with laughter.

The man from Santa Coloma de Gramanet had previously explained what he understood it to be like to work from the seat of the Congress of Deputies.

"One thing. To work is not to be on a bench applauding to legitimize an undemocratic and corrupt institution. To work is to be on a seat voting to raise the minimum wage and pensions. And many of those who do the 1st then don't do the 2nd."

To the questioning of the former FC Barcelona footballer (1995-2000) who after five seasons starred in a record transfer until then for 60 million euros (10,000 million pesetas) to wear the Real Madrid shirt and become the first galáctico of those signed by Florentino Pérez in the following three years.

More than ten years ago, Luis Figo was forced to pay the Treasury more than 2 million euros for personal income tax settlements for the years 1997, 1998 and 1999 of his time at Barça after the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal in cassation.

The exchange of messages making each other ugly goes back a long way. On the first day of the investiture debate of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government, ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián, from the speaker's gallery of the Congress of Deputies, warned the socialist candidate to remember that in order to stay in the Moncloa he needed the support of his republican formation.

To that warning to Sánchez "don't take a chance", the former footballer launched his message on the X network against Rufián: "What a pimp the pseudo Catalan". That brief phrase was accompanied by the Catalan's speech in which he said to the candidate for president of the Government: "Do you see Albert Rivera here? Do you see Inés Arrimadas here? Do you see them? Right, right? Don't take any chances."

Gabriel Rufián, who in addition to his angry tone in his speech is known for his twitter activity, did not take long to respond to the Portuguese.

The former footballer's penchant for playing in the field of social networks is also known, where he openly criticises the government of Pedro Sánchez and his coalition partners and the political left, in general.

Juan Carlos Monedero (60), a Podemos politician, was another in the bullseye of his digital darts.

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