Xi'an, Nov. 11 (ZXS) -- Visiting the former residence of celebrities on both sides of the strait, Yu Ren, Shaanxi Province

Written by Yang Yingqi

Editor's note:

There are many former residences, cemeteries, and memorial halls of famous cultural artists scattered on both sides of the strait, carrying many common memories on both sides of the strait. At the moment of building the modern civilization of the Chinese nation, through the search for traces of cultural celebrities on both sides of the strait and the stories of scholars, the "East-West Question" will launch a special plan for "Cross-Strait 'Famous' Traces", in order to jointly trace the cultural heritage and jointly promote cultural development. Thank you for your attention.

"Bury me on the high mountain, look at my hometown, my hometown is not visible, never forget. Bury me on a high mountain, looking at our mainland; the mainland is not visible, only weeping bitterly..." For decades, this nostalgia that has touched the hearts of the world has been condensed in a courtyard in Doukou Lane, Sanyuan, Shaanxi.

At the entrance to the former residence of Youren. Photo by Yang Yingqi

Recently, a reporter from China News Service walked into the former residence of Yu Youren in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province, to find the source of this heavy nostalgia.

There is no decorated small door in the alley, the door is full of luxuriant flowers, and there is a noise in the campus across the wall... If it weren't for the villagers' reminder, standing in front of Yu Youren's former residence, he wouldn't have been able to find the entrance at a glance.

Passing through a short narrow passage, a small courtyard with a statue standing on the right appears in front of you. In the quaint blue bricks, the green plants growing proudly on the eaves, between the cracks in the walls, and in the front and back of the courtyard prove that although the house is old, it still has indelible vitality.

The statue of Ren on the right in the former residence. Photo by Yang Yingqi

The former residence here was purchased by his father with many years of savings when he was 16 years old, in order to "read aloud more freely" in Youren. The original area was about <>,<> square meters, but at present, only two small courtyards of about <> square meters have been restored.

"The withered locust behind the hall is more flowering, and the wind in front of the hall is quiet and the trees are shady. The three old houses are still in the past, and they are ashamed to say that they are in exile. This is a poem about the old house in Doukou Lane, Xiguan, Sanyuan, which I returned to the province the year before last. At the beginning of "My Youth", Yu Youren warmly recalled: "When I went back, the few old houses left behind in my dilapidated house looked like relatives, which was such a touching thing. ”

A view of the courtyard of the former residence. Photo by Yang Yingqi

One of the two small courtyards is the "three old houses and one acacia plant" that makes Yu Youren unforgettable. However, it is difficult to hide the traces of time. The locust tree in the courtyard is as thick as three people together, and almost shades the entire courtyard. Ma Chang, director of the Cultural Relics Management Institute of Yu Youren's former residence, told China News Service that the old locust tree has a history of about 600 years, and it was planted before the family purchased the house, and it was the locust tree that accompanied Yu Youren in his teenage years with this old house.

"Three old houses" and towering ancient acacia. Photo by Yang Yingqi

According to Mr. Yu's nephew's recollection, after Mr. Yu went to Taiwan in 1949, the old locust tree was not very lush. At that time, although the old locust tree was not luxuriant, it was tenaciously alive. Ma Chang said that when the Cultural Relics Management Office of Youren's Former Residence was established in 1999, one of the trunks of a tree had died, and it was only after reinforcement and maintenance that it was able to regain its vitality. "This old locust tree is like an old man who has gone through vicissitudes, accompanying me to guard the rise and fall of the Guanzhong Yu clan for a hundred years. ”

Today, the "Three Old Rooms" recreate the furnishings of the bedroom and study of Yu Ren's youth. When you step into the house, you can see the clay kang, wardrobe, chair, desk, and nothing else. Just like the legacy he left behind after his death in Taiwan, there were only "diaries, letters, and a number of bills". From the "Northwest Wizard" who was cited in early wisdom to the "Ancient Grass Sage", from the commander-in-chief of the Nationalist Army in Shaanxi to the "Dean of Supervision", Yu Youren has had a full life of ups and downs, and multiple circumstances have changed, but honesty is his constant background.

"Qingyi the world looks, broad sage hearts", the couplet inscribed by Hu Heng, the secretary of Yu You, for the former residence hangs on the wall of the bedroom. In another room, a brush used by the right person during his lifetime was also sent here by Hu Heng to be treasured.

Restore the scene in the bedroom on the right. Photo by Yang Yingqi

"I've been using this pen for a long time, and it should be resting. This is what Yu Youren said when he gave Hu Heng a pen, and Hu Heng "transmitted" this message to Yu Youren's former residence in Shaanxi. When he learned that the restoration of the former residence of Sanyuan was completed, Hu Heng was excited, inscribed it and donated this brush that he had treasured for many years. Perhaps in his eyes, this brush finally "rested" in Sanyuan, which seemed to fulfill the old man's wish to return to his roots.

The other small courtyard is the wing room where Mrs. Fang, the aunt of the right person, once lived, and is now opened as an exhibition hall to introduce the life deeds of the right person and the restoration of the bedroom of the aunt Fang. The former residence was built in 1999, only the restoration of Yu Youren's life furnishings and a small part of the display, Ma Chang took over after adding more materials one by one, and strive to restore Yu Youren's life achievements and life details to visitors through a courtyard.

Aunt Fang reads the restoration scene with her aunt. Photo by Yang Yingqi

Ma Chang is not from Shaanxi, and he didn't even know the owner of this old house before he came to work in Yu Youren's former residence. However, the praise of the neighbors, the simple vicissitudes of brick by brick, and the calligraphy and poems printed on the side wall of the courtyard made him more understand and feel the charm of Yu Youren's personality.

Restore the scene in the study room on the right. Photo by Yang Yingqi

"For ten years, visitors to the former residence have come from all over the world, many of them from Taiwan. After they see traces of Youren's life in Taiwan, they will want to come here to see it again. Ma Chang said that the existing area of the former residence is not large, and tourists can stop in front of the calligraphy rubbings on the walls of the courtyard for the longest time. The sincere poems, the admirable strokes, and the demeanor of the owner of the former residence during his lifetime are powerful through the paper and pen, and they leap into the "words".

Yu Ren's calligraphy works are displayed on the walls of the former residence. Photo by Yang Yingqi

Yu Youren's calligraphy attainments are extremely high, and he has become a family. Its pen and ink lines are rigid and soft with each other, the chapter is full of ups and downs, and the sense of broken and free and easy brushwork comes to the face, with a unique artistic style. He once put forward the principle of "easy to read, easy to write, accurate and beautiful", and created "standard cursive", which set off a huge wave in the modern calligraphy world. "Facing the stone door inscription, writing twenty products at dusk. Hard work is set as a link, night and night tears wet pillow", Yu Youren will be the family and country worries condensed at the end of the pen, with calligraphy as the exit, its central blood, more than a poem can be summarized.

"Bookers, as well. Such as its learning, such as its talent, such as its ambition, in short, just like its person. "Throughout Yu Ren's life, this is the case. "Three old houses and one ancient acacia, falling into the big cloth" - my friend Liu Yazi's evaluation of the right person has also become the consensus of the world.

In 1962, Yu Youren wrote in his diary: "A hundred years later, I would like to be buried in a high place with many trees in Yushan or Alishan. ”

Yu Youren. Courtesy of Yu Youren's former residence in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province

In 1964, Yu Youren died in Taiwan. According to his wishes, he was buried on the high mountain, and the stone archway at the front door of the cemetery was inscribed with the words "Sun and Moon and its Heart". From here, the rivers and mountains of the Central Plains are faintly in sight, and the wish of Yu Youren to "look at the mainland from time to time" has finally come true. (ENDS)