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Former analysts and diplomats agree that there are differences and contradictions in positions between the United States and Israel over the war in the Gaza Strip, and they said Washington is likely to pressure its ally Tel Aviv through conditions related to military support.

While stressing that the administration of US President Joe Biden will continue to support "Israel's right to defend itself", former US diplomat Charles Dunn revealed that there are "cracks" that have begun to appear in the wall of US support for Israel, and different views between the two sides against the background of what is happening in the Gaza Strip.

The former diplomat did not rule out that the dispute between Washington and Tel Aviv could end in a collision, especially if Israel causes Palestinian civilian casualties again if the war on Gaza does not stop.

Dunn stressed that President Joe Biden has come to fear the political repercussions, especially among young Americans and from the internal opposition, as there is resentment among many who work in the federal government, and they have signed petitions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

He explained that the resentment and popular dissatisfaction with the US support for Israel in its war on Gaza pushes Biden to try to restrict Israel's work in the next stage.

He said the US administration has significant influence over Tel Aviv and could impose restrictions on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political work and delay the additional aid package.

The American diplomat stressed – in his speech during the daily analytical stand on Al-Jazeera channel, "Gaza ... What's more?" Members of Congress and the House of Representatives want assurances before voting on the aid package for Israel, including that Israel must respect the laws of war.

The senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Center for Studies, Dr. Leqaa Makki, focused on what he called the US-Israeli contradiction regarding the way out of the current war on Gaza, where the Biden administration wants to move towards a settlement, while Netanyahu and his team want to destroy Gaza.

He pointed out that this seems impossible from a field point of view, as the Palestinian resistance has proven to be strong even in the northern Gaza Strip, which was evident during the prisoner exchange.

According to Makki, there is an American desire for the continuation of humanitarian truces, which Biden expressed when he said, "All hostages must be recovered."

In the same context, he also revealed that the Americans gave Israel one month to accomplish what can be accomplished in Gaza, and according to Washington's conditions, namely not to storm the ground and destroy as it did in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli failure

However, the senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Center for Studies predicted that Israel will remain under American protection to be outside the framework of punishment and international calculation, pointing out that what American officials are currently doing is trying to pressure the Israeli leadership to respond to their requests.

He said that Israel knows that it is unable to confront the Palestinians and Arabs without American political, legal and military protection, expecting US pressure on its Israeli ally to increase through conditions.

Makki explained that the conditions are related to military support, and through judicial pressure on Netanyahu, and there may be an agreement with the Israeli opposition to be the next ruler and the oath ends in a full deal that includes the next settlements.

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, agreed with analysts on the issue of a contradiction in positions between Washington and Tel Aviv, stressing that 65% of the American public does not support the Biden administration's position on the war on Gaza.

In Barghouti's view, Biden, who said he participated in the war on Gaza and repeated the lies that Netanyahu and his team tried to promote, began to feel that the war would cost him his position, especially after the American public turned against him.

He stressed that Israel has failed to achieve its central goal of aggression on the Gaza Strip, which was not the liquidation of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) as it claims, but the liquidation of the Palestinian people and the liquidation of their existence.

He explained that this is what they tried to do by ethnically cleansing the residents of Gaza and deporting Palestinians to the Egyptian Sinai, and then moved to Plan B, which provides for the displacement of Gazans to the south of the Strip, which they also failed.

Barghouti said that the failure of the Israeli occupation to achieve its goals has made its war on Gaza meaningless and meaningless, and even if the war is prolonged, the struggle of the Palestinians, whose suffering has reached the whole world, will remain.

Source : Al Jazeera