The occupation authorities released Ahed Tamimi among the prisoners who were released in the sixth batch (French)

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Israel released Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi among 30 prisoners released in the sixth batch, as part of the temporary truce in the Gaza Strip, after she was arrested again on November 6, during the occupation army's raid on the cities of the occupied West Bank.

A Palestinian official said she was released after she was being held in Damon prison near Haifa.

The occupying forces arrested Tamimi, 22, on charges of "inciting violence", while her mother denied this claim, saying that it was based on a fake post on social media.

Ahed is one of hundreds arrested by the Israeli occupation forces as part of their arrest campaign in the West Bank, in conjunction with the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7.

After her release as part of the exchange deal between Hamas and Israel. Freed prisoner Ahed Tamimi talks about the conditions of her detention and the threat of the occupation to kill her father detained in Israeli prisons #News #حرب_غزة

— Al Jazeera (@AJArabic) November 30, 2023

The media officer at the Prisoners' Club said last Tuesday that Israel arrested 56 women and girls after October 7, as part of a campaign of arrests that included about 3260,<> Palestinians.

It is noteworthy that Ahed Tamimi became famous in 2017, when she was 16 years old, for slapping an Israeli soldier who raided her village of Nabi Saleh, west of Ramallah, declaring her protest against the occupation confiscation of land in the area to build settlements.

Ahed was sentenced to eight months in prison after Israeli soldiers arrested her at her home at night during demonstrations on 8 December 19.

Source: Al Jazeera + Reuters