China News Service, Seoul, November 11 (Reporter Liu Xu) On November 28, Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming delivered a congratulatory speech for the China Forum on "China-South Korea Relations of Mutual Respect - Present and Future", pointing out that China and South Korea confirmed that the strategic cooperative partnership is of great significance at present.

Xing Haiming said that China and South Korea are close neighbors that cannot be moved, and they are also partners with intertwined interests and mutual benefit and win-win results. Over the past 31 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the development of China-ROK relations has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and peoples, and has also made great contributions to regional and world peace, stability, prosperity and development. At the same time, the international and regional situation has evolved in a profound and complex manner amid major changes unseen in a century. Against this backdrop, many new developments have emerged in China-ROK relations recently. Despite this, the geographical ties between China and South Korea as important close neighbors and both Eastern civilizations have not changed, the interests of the two sides as important economic and trade cooperation objects and partners in the mid-to-high-end production and supply chain have not changed, and the development vision of the two countries committed to win-win cooperation has not changed.

Xing Haiming said: On 26 July, Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and foreign minister, held talks with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin while attending the China-Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Busan, South Korea. The two sides affirmed the positioning of the China-ROK strategic cooperative partnership and are willing to continue to move forward in this direction. This is of great importance at this time.

Xing Haiming said that he expects all scholars to conduct in-depth research on the important statements made by the foreign ministers of the two countries, accurately grasp the positioning of the China-ROK strategic cooperative partnership, and express their insights and suggestions for the healthy and stable development of China-ROK relations.

On November 11, the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Korea and the Korea Institute for Global Strategic Cooperation co-hosted the China Forum on "Mutually Respectful China-South Korea Relations – Present and Future" in South Korea. The picture shows a group photo of the forum guests. (Photo courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea)

The forum was co-hosted by the Chinese Embassy in South Korea and the Korea Institute for Global Strategic Cooperation. Fang Kun, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, and more than 60 well-known experts and scholars from China and South Korea attended the event.

The participants had in-depth exchanges on a wide range of topics such as bilateral relations, foreign policy, economic and trade cooperation, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and the Korean Peninsula issue, and expressed their willingness to adhere to the original aspiration of friendly cooperation between the two countries on the basis of the important positioning of the China-ROK strategic cooperative partnership, and promote the steady and long-term development of China-ROK relations. (ENDS)