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Stéphane Royer, at the microphone of Bob Bellanca, explores the mysterious world of the paranormal, focusing on UFO sightings over "nuclear facilities". Bob Bellanca explains that these phenomena know no "boundaries" and seem to be particularly interested in nuclear sites. Stéphane Royer and Didier Gomez have collaborated to write a book on the subject: "UFOs and nuclear power - Are we under surveillance?".

The program thus addresses the subject of "overflights of nuclear power plants abroad and in France". Two specific events, which took place in Canada and the United States, are discussed in detail at the beginning of the interview. According to Stéphane Royer, there was an observation of "a red disc" flying over the place and the facilities for several minutes, as well as "luminous balls" some time later.

During the interview, Stéphane Royer shares fascinating details about an incident where a UFO was reportedly observed hovering over an active reactor at a nuclear power plant. The "craft" seemed to know which reactor was operating, which raises questions about the nature of these phenomena. According to the author, an American ufologist, who investigated this case, collected "fourteen accounts from witnesses who observed the UFO".

"Mysteries & Unexplained" is a podcast created by BTLV, adapted and broadcast by Europe 1. If you love paranormal stories and events that go beyond rationality, or you're curious about new discoveries, this is the podcast for you. The comments made in this episode are the sole responsibility of the guest(s). Stéphane Royer is an amateur in ufology.

This episode is composed of testimonies of UFO sightings and overflights of "drones" told and analyzed by Stéphane Royer, especially in France. There is also talk of the alleged Golfech event.

The author continues the discussion by turning to "the former USSR". He mentions in particular the Chernobyl power plant, located in Ukraine, which "supplied the former USSR with electricity".

Check out this episode that adds a new dimension to the discussion of UFOs and the paranormal, prompting even more questions about these enigmatic phenomena and their alleged connection to nuclear facilities, by listening to this podcast: "Mysteries & Unexplained".

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