On Wednesday, the trial started against parts of a network that smuggled at least 25 kilograms of amphetamines to Finland.

Two men, from Örebro County, have been charged with extremely serious narcotics offences. They must have transported narcotics, at least once a month. Every other time they crossed the border in Haparanda, and every other time by ferry from Umeå.

Bribe Judge in Indonesia

On the first day of the trial, the prosecutor went through the roles of the different people, largely by showing encrypted chats.

Many chats go to, or are about, a man in Indonesia. According to the prosecutor, the man is the mastermind behind the network, but he is not one of the defendants because he is serving life in prison.

The goal of the network is said to have been to raise money for the man in Indonesia to be able to bribe a judge.

Filmed "banking"

The investigation started after customs in Haparanda stopped a man at the train station with two kilos of amphetamines in his backpack. They also found an encrypted phone, the code of which was written on a piece of paper, which contained videos of him mixing amphetamines and counting money.

The man denies the crime and states that he was not aware that he was transporting drugs. He also has an explanation for the films.

"A lot of what looks like drugs in the pictures is probably not. Exactly what it is and where it comes from, my client will have to tell us, says defense lawyer Oskar Söderberg.

The other man also denies the serious narcotics charges.

In the clip above, you can see the prosecution's key evidence.