US aircraft carrier Eisenhower arrives in Gulf of Aden (Reuters)

The American newspaper "Politico" reported that the military reinforcements carried out by the United States in the Middle East led to the depletion of funds that were allocated to the Pentagon because the movements of troops in the Middle East were not planned.

The Pentagon has been forced to withdraw funds from existing operations and maintenance accounts, noting that the U.S. military is working like the rest of the federal government through temporary funding measures that freeze spending at the limits reached the previous year.

US President Joe Biden signed the temporary measure in November to avoid a government shutdown and so that congressmen can agree on a full-year spending bill.

Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood said, "Other sources of budget had to be sought for this activity, which means less money for the training and preparations that the military has already planned for next year."

Sherwood noted that "current events have changed some of the operational assumptions used in developing the president's 2024 budget request, specifically, neither the core budget request nor the supplementary request for 2024 included funding for U.S. operations related to Israel."

The military deployment of US forces in the Mediterranean has forced military departments to reassess the requirements of current and future war-based operations in the region.

The United States provided weapons, ammunition and money to Israel, and sent the newest aircraft carrier in its fleet, the Gerald Ford, days after the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, followed by the Eisenhower carrier, and the support did not stop there as Washington sent the nuclear submarine "USS Ohio", which says it can wipe 24 cities off the map in less than one minute.

The submarine carries more than 154 Tomahawk high-explosive missiles and more than 20 nuclear missiles, is capable of sailing for two full months without the need for refueling, and is used for nuclear deterrence purposes.

Source: Politico