, November 11 According to NBC, on the 29th local time, Leticia James, Attorney General of the State of New York, said that at least 28 million New York residents were affected by a data breach by a medical company, which could lead to identity theft.

According to reports, the data breach of Perry Johnson & Associates, a U.S. medical transcription company, affected nearly 900 million patients, nearly half of whom lived in New York City and Syracuse.

Image source: Screenshot of NBC report

New York State Attorney General James said Northwell Health and Crouse Health were two of the healthcare providers affected by the data breach. She said that as of the morning of the 28th, most of the people affected by this had been notified.

James urged those who were notified to remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft.

"I urge all New Yorkers affected by the data breach to remain vigilant and take these important steps to protect themselves," James said. Criminals can use the stolen information to impersonate individuals or cause financial losses. Identity theft is a serious problem, and my office will continue to take action to keep New Yorkers safe. ”

According to the introduction, Perry Johnson & Associates is a transcription service company that provides oral and transcription of patient medical records to medical institutions and doctors. The company became aware of the breach in May, and some of the information leaked included social security numbers, as well as insurance and clinical information from medical records.