The indicator was calculated as the total value of necessary goods converted into gold bars. It is noted that an ingot weighing 50 grams was taken as a standard: its price as of November 27 was 304,209 rubles.

In the course of the study, conducted by Rosgosstrakh together with the Sokolov analytical center, respondents were asked to answer the question of what material goods they need to live peacefully and comfortably.

So, in the first place is high-quality medicine, this option was chosen by 66% of respondents. The average cost of an annual voluntary health insurance policy in Russia is 40,380 rubles, or 0.13 gold bars per year.

This is followed by a financial safety cushion, which was called necessary by 65% of respondents. On average, Russians need 466,666 rubles per year, or 1.5 gold bars (0.12 bars per month).

A stable income was also important for 65% of respondents.

"The average value for the level of the desired monthly income was 300 thousand rubles, or 0.98 gold bars per month. Thus, Russians need 11.8 ingots per year," the study emphasizes.

In addition, 60% of Russians believe that access to a good education is mandatory.

According to analysts' calculations, the average annual cost of studying at a Russian university is 186,032 rubles. When converted to gold, higher education will cost 3 bars for five years, or 0.6 bars per year.

According to experts, 59% of Russians consider their own housing to be a mandatory factor for peace and comfort.

"The average cost per square meter in Russia is 110,596 rubles. When calculating, we used an apartment with an area of 50 square meters, the average price of which in the country was 2023,5,529 rubles in 800. Converted into gold, the cost of the apartment this year is 18.1 gold bars. This is the most expensive material value for Russians," the data provided says.

Thus, the gold standard, taking into account all the top 5 goods, is currently 32.1 gold bars per year.

In total, more than 1.5 thousand respondents took part in the survey.

Earlier, analysts conducted a survey and found out how satisfied Russians are with the balance between work and personal life, as well as what they would like to change in work processes.