, November 11 According to the website of the Ministry of Education, in order to do a good job in the employment of college graduates in 29 and do everything possible to promote the high-quality and full employment of college graduates, the Ministry of Education launched a series of activities on November 2024 for the "Autumn Campus Recruitment Month for College Graduates of 11". With the theme of "Cohesion and Efforts to Promote Employment and Strive to Set Sail for a New Journey", the "Autumn Campus Recruitment Month" continues to launch a series of activities nationwide, such as special recruitment activities, special actions to visit enterprises to expand jobs and promote employment, theme education of "employment and education", and the first National College Student Career Planning Competition, so as to further aggregate social resources, provide jobs in a centralized manner, and strengthen employment guidance services for colleges and universities.

Vigorously carry out a series of recruitment activities. The Ministry of Education will hold more than 40 special recruitment activities with relevant parties. In conjunction with relevant departments, the fifth season of the "National Recruitment Action" was launched, and activities such as "12 Cities and 24365,20 Enterprises - Private Enterprises and Colleges and Universities Work Together to Promote Employment", "National Online Recruitment for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "Golden Autumn Student Assistance Activities and Sunshine Employment Action" were held to promote the implementation of the "19,20 Enterprises on Campus" plan. Together with <> social recruitment agencies, we will jointly launch the "<> Campus Recruitment Service" online recruitment month activity, focusing on organizing more than <> series of special recruitment activities for key regions, key industries, and key groups. Cooperate with relevant industry associations and social recruitment agencies to launch the "Co-construction and Sharing Job Selection Plan" to explore the implementation of precise job push. Organize <> sub-industries of the National Steering Committee for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities to hold more than <> "special job fairs for college graduates in the industry field" to provide job information for graduates of related majors. All localities will hold regional, industry-based, and alliance online and offline job fairs based on local conditions to provide sufficient high-quality job resources for college graduates in their regions. Colleges and universities will hold various forms of online and offline campus recruitment activities to help graduates find employment as soon as possible.

Carry out in-depth visits to enterprises and expand posts. Promote the leadership team and secondary departments of colleges and universities to accurately and effectively carry out job visits to enterprises, and improve the utilization rate of posts and the effectiveness of visiting enterprises. Guide all localities to strengthen overall planning and coordination, organize colleges and universities in their regions to connect with high-quality enterprises and employers, carry out centralized visits, and deepen school-local and school-enterprise cooperation.

Deepen the theme education of "employment and education". Implement the third phase of the supply and demand docking employment and education project, and encourage universities and employers to carry out docking and cooperation in targeted talent training and training, employment and internship bases, human resource improvement, key areas of research, and assistance to difficult groups. Select a group of outstanding graduates and instructors who go to the grassroots level for employment, and organize and carry out advanced typical propaganda activities for college graduates to "always follow the party and make contributions to the places where the motherland needs it most". Focusing on the employment situation, career planning, job search skills, etc., we will create a number of "Internet + Employment Guidance" high-quality public welfare live classes. Guide all localities to continue to carry out online and offline "Hongzhi Navigation Program" graduate employability training programs, and carry out job fairs for graduates from key groups to help graduates from difficult groups find employment.

Coordinate and promote career planning competitions. Promote colleges and universities in all regions to widely mobilize college graduates and employers to participate in the main competition, coordinate the promotion of the competition with various employment guidance, online and offline recruitment and other concurrent activities, and promote the promotion of learning, teaching and achievement through competition.

During the "Autumn Campus Recruitment Month", the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will hold an online video conference on the employment and entrepreneurship of the 2024 national college graduates, deploy the employment of the 2024 college graduates and the "Autumn Campus Recruitment Month", promote innovative work measures, broaden employment channels, optimize employment services, and make every effort to promote the employment of 2024 college graduates.