China News Service Xi'an, November 11 (Reporter Zhang Yuan Alina) X28 China-Europe train loaded with daily necessities, fitness equipment and other goods from Xi'an International Port Station on the 8155th, bound for Hamburg, Germany, which marks the China-Europe train (Xi'an) since November 28, 2013 since the first trip, has been running for a total of ten years, with a total of 11,28 trains.

On November 11, the X28 China-Europe Express (Xi'an) was ready to go. Photo by China News Service reporter Zhang Yuan

Today, the core indicators such as the number of trips, freight volume, and heavy container rate of the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) rank first in China, injecting strong momentum into accelerating the construction of the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) assembly center, smoothing the domestic and international dual circulation, and providing high-quality services to jointly build the "Belt and Road".

Wang Baolu, director of Xi'an International Port Station, said that since the first trip was opened in 2013, the number of trips has increased year by year. In particular, since 2018, the development of the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) has entered the "fast lane", and from 2019 to 2021, it has achieved "blowout" growth, with 2022,4639 trains running in <>. The transportation of goods has also been enriched from the original single industrial machinery to building materials, automobiles, grain, oil and non-staple food, light industrial products and other categories. The China-Europe Express (Xi'an) has achieved the "four-level jump" of market cultivation, radiation to Europe and Asia, bus-based operation, and assembly and distribution.

In order to adapt to the rapid growth of the China-Europe Railway Express (Xi'an), since 2021, Xi'an International Port Station has implemented three capacity expansions and transformations, and the storage, loading and unloading, and braiding capacity has been significantly improved.

"I participated in the expansion and transformation of Xi'an International Port Station throughout the whole process, witnessed the development and changes of its line, functional positioning, hardening area and other aspects, and witnessed the 'rapid' growth of core indicators such as the number of China-Europe Express (Xi'an), heavy container rate, and freight volume." Bai Kuanfeng, director of the freight workshop of Xi'an International Port Station, said.

Since the beginning of this year, as of November 11, the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) has operated a total of 28,4843 trains, which has exceeded the total number of trains operated last year, an increase of 13.77% over the same period last year, and the total weight of goods transported is 430.13 million tons, an increase of 2.<>% over the same period last year, both hitting a new high in the same period in history.

At present, the China-Europe Express (Xi'an) has opened 17 international transport trunk lines, realizing full coverage of the main sources of goods in Europe and Asia, and the "+ Western Europe" lines have been expanded to 21, with an average daily run of about 15 trains, and the role of the inland assembly center of the China-Europe Express has been further highlighted. (ENDS)