According to them, the teenager took these threats seriously and feared for his life.

"During his service in the French Legion, he clearly killed, he has combat training. For as long as we can remember, Kuslevich has always had a gun in his house. Such a person puts a completely different meaning into the phrase "I will kill you", not the same as ordinary people on emotions during a quarrel," said one of Irina's relatives.

The woman's family is sure that he killed his 15-year-old stepdaughter together with the woman not because she could witness the massacre - she was also his target.

"He killed her out of revenge," the source said.

Earlier, the Habertürk newspaper reported that the bodies of a woman and a girl were found in the city of Bodrum in Turkey.

After that, it became known that the Russian woman found dead in Bodrum, Turkey, turned out to be a model.

The son of a Russian citizen killed in Turkey said in an interview with RT that his stepfather, a citizen of Lithuania, could be involved in the crime.