The current situation after the rainfall of the last few days has forced the municipality to reprioritize resources for the major roads.

"We have had to pause ploughing on all cycle paths so that at least the main streets are in drivable condition so that blue lights and public transport can get through," says Per Hilmersson.

Right now, many roads are in poor condition, but the street department hopes that the snowing will subside so that they have time to catch up. Something that will take at least two to three days. Worst hit in the Umeå area is Holmsund.

"Significantly more snow has fallen there than in Umeå.

"Those who drive must be allowed to sleep"

Until now, the municipality has been able to run at full strength, but must now start to reduce it.

"Those who drive need to get some sleep, at least for a while. But we're doing everything we can," says Per Hilmersson.

On the other hand, the new rules on daily rest should not affect to any great extent, the municipality has been able to plan for this. On the other hand, some smaller entrepreneurs may be affected.

Now the street operations manager is just hoping that the snowing will subside.

"It should have started to subside two hours ago, so the forecast doesn't seem to be correct.