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Sticky Vicky, stage name of Victoria María Aragüés, the artist famous in Benidorm for her vaginal acrobatics shows, has died this Wednesday at the age of 80.

This has been confirmed by his daughter, María Gadea, through her social networks. "I regret to write these words, my mother, Sticky Vicky, passed away today at 6 a.m.; I can't believe it, she has left surrounded by her family; with all our love, I thank God for having been able to be by her side always. I am left with a broken heart," the text reads.

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Victoria María Aragüés, also known as Vicky Leyton, became very popular in Benidorm during the 80s for her shows that toured various cabarets, hotels and local pubs, in which she took various objects out of her vagina and even opened bottles or lit light bulbs with it.

Such was the level of popularity she reached that the British tourist community settled in the Mediterranean city of skyscrapers baptized her with the nickname 'Sticky Vicky', which she later used herself to promote herself. She even had to litigate to keep the nickname after another local artist registered it.

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Currently it is her daughter who officially holds the title of 'Sticky Vicky', manages her official Facebook account and who has relieved her in the erotic show, maintaining her legacy.

Vicky Leyton retired from show business in 2015 due to health issues. She was originally from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but lived in La Nucía, a few kilometres from Benidorm.