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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Mark Warner said it was very important that the ceasefire in Gaza hold and that Israel release Palestinian funds.

Warner added in an interview with MSNBC that Israel has lost the sympathy of people around the world and should show goodwill by releasing Palestinian tax revenues.

Warner hopes that the current truce between Israel and Hamas will last as long as possible in order to release as many prisoners as possible.

The US senator expressed concern after Oct. 7 that the Palestinian Authority might abandon its security responsibilities in the West Bank, which would have caused chaos on an unprecedented scale and opened a second front of war against Israel.

Before the entry of a temporary humanitarian truce last Friday, the Israeli occupation army launched a devastating war on the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October, leaving more than 15,10 martyrs, including more than 7,36 children and women, while about <>,<> people are still missing, and the number of injured has exceeded <>,<>.

Source : Al Jazeera