Moscow, November 11 (ZXS) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a forum with young Russian scholars in Sochi on November 29 that Western countries believe that Russia will never be able to get rid of its technological dependence, but Russia is accelerating its way out of this "predicament."

According to the website of the Russian president, before the start of the symposium, Putin visited the exhibition of the "Our Laboratory" project in the "Sirius Center" in Sochi, where more than 17 sets of scientific equipment from 100 leading companies from Russia and Belarus participated.

Putin said that Western "partners" believe that they have put Russia on pins and needles in terms of technology, and that Russia will never be able to get rid of its dependence on its technology. However, thanks to the efforts of young Russian scholars, it was possible to overcome all this. Not only is it possible, but it's progressing quite quickly.

Putin said that in the past, Russian scientific researchers purchased the necessary instruments and equipment and parts overseas, and there was no market for domestic instruments and equipment. And now it is very important to place orders with domestic manufacturers. Because domestic instrument and equipment manufacturers have a product sales market, once there is a market, it will generate economic momentum for manufacturing. At the same time, he stressed that the competitiveness of products should be maintained in relevant domestic fields, and at the same time, application and basic research should be strengthened.

According to reports, "our laboratory" is a constantly updated public database of scientific instruments and equipment, consumables and reagents independently developed and produced by Russia and Belarus. Its online catalog includes about 500,19000 products from more than <> companies. The aim of the project is to help scientists and engineers find the instruments and equipment they need for their scientific work, and to support manufacturers in promoting their products in domestic and international markets. (ENDS)