A group of about ten people share the job of making snow for the ski trails in Rödeby. Now that it's below freezing, the snow cannons work around the clock and need to be monitored every hour.

"The hope is that we will be able to have four months of skiing in the future now," says Robert Hedman of Karlskrona SOK.

Help to groom

Karlskrona SOK has had its artificial snow facility since 2017.

To create the ski trails, Karlskrona SOK collaborates with Rödebybacken and Karlskrona Alpina Club, which has a piste machine to be able to prepare the artificial snow.

"I think we are the southernmost facility up and running now and there is a great interest in snow and skiing in southern Sweden," says Robert Hedman.

Follow along to the snow cannon in the clip above