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Maj. Gen. Fayez al-Duwairi, a military and strategic expert, said that a number of factors are putting pressure on the occupation army and the political decision-maker in Israel regarding the resumption of military operations in the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that the army has the combat capability with the presence of a US air bridge.

During his analysis of Al-Jazeera, he questioned Washington's continued support for the war on Gaza, pointing out that the ceiling of support has begun to decline, at a time when the Democratic Party wants to save itself.

He pointed out that Israeli society, after the return of detainees and the army's failure to release any prisoners, tends to favor the peaceful path, especially if the bill for the costs of human losses is high.

Complete failure

Regarding IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy's acknowledgment of the failure of the army and intelligence to prevent the October 7 attack, Duwairi said that the failure was political as well as military strategically, operationally and tactically, and then the failure followed in the following days with landings behind the lines in the Gaza envelope and storming the Zikim naval base.

With regard to the ground attack on Gaza, he stressed that the occupation relied on the factor of speed and surprise under the principle of intimidation and shock, but the course of operations on the ground was always an intelligence failure despite the unprecedented fire bombardment.

He reiterated that the occupation deals with "ghosts and a black box," referring to the elements of the resistance in Gaza, and said that these are looking for an eternal life and not a mortal worldly life.

The IDF is no longer the army that defeated the Arab armies after relying in recent years excessively on technology and building walls along the borders with Sinai, Jordan and Gaza, he said, "and is holed up behind walls".

Regarding what Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", said that the occupation soldiers are not ready and are shouting for help on the battlefield, Al-Duwairi indicated that this army arrives and roams the West Bank because it faces unarmed people, while it is too cowardly to face any military force.

As for the accuracy of the figures announced by the occupation army as losses in its ranks, Al-Duwairi recalled the historical dimension, as it is customary to announce numbers, but the actual numbers appear later, are revealed by the press and passed through various events.

He said that the announcement of the new losses of the occupation army came under pressure from the newspaper "Haaretz" - which was confronted with counter-statements demanding its closure - which prompted it to threaten to resort to the Supreme Court, believing that this is an initial announcement that will be followed by subsequent announcements that will take a wide time frame.

He stressed that Abu Obeida has credibility in the Israeli street, and the videos of al-Qassam included various scenes, some of which were a complete explosion in the vehicles, which means that the Al-Yassin tandem shell reached a fatal point that resulted in the explosion of the vehicles and the deaths of those inside.

Other videos also revealed that the Yassin shell reached a less effective point, such as the turret or the protective plates, and here – al-Duwairi says – the mechanism breaks down and the soldiers in it are forced to disembark, and then they are confronted with machine guns, and most of them are wounded.

Reviewing the number of Israeli army killed between the 1948 and 2023 wars, Al-Duwairi stressed that fighting from zero distance leads to very large human losses, citing Israel's losses over the course of its previous wars.

Source : Al Jazeera