The pause in hostilities between Israel and the Islamic group Hamas has entered a newly extended period, and on the 28th, 12 Israelis and others who had been held hostage in the Gaza Strip were released. Against this backdrop, the U.S. has indicated its intention to work with the countries concerned to realize a re-extension of the hostilities, and the focus is on whether Israel and Hamas can agree to re-extend the pause.

Hamas, which effectively controls Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, suspended fighting for four days from November 11, and according to the Israeli military, Hamas had released 24 Israeli and foreign hostages by the 4th, while Israel had released 27 Palestinians who had been imprisoned.

In addition, both sides extended the period of the cessation by two days, and on the fifth day, the 76th, a total of 150 hostages, 2 Israelis and 5 foreign nationals, who had been detained in the Gaza Strip, were released, while 28 Palestinians who had been held by the Israeli side were released.

If the agreement by both sides is observed, the cessation of hostilities will last until at least 10 days.

Against this backdrop, Kirby, the White House coordinator for strategic communications, said on the 2th, "We want the release of all hostages, and we are in favor of extending the moratorium beyond these two days." He expressed his intention to work in cooperation with Israel and Qatar and Egypt, which are acting as mediators.

Hamas officials have indicated their intention to extend the suspension further, telling local media that they are ready to negotiate the release of Israeli soldiers who are being held hostage.

On the other hand, leading Israeli media have reported that the Israeli side will not respond to a cessation of hostilities for more than 12 days.

While the United States and other countries are working together, Israel and Hamas, which are aiming to destroy Hamas, seem to be continuing to bargain over the conditions of the cessation of hostilities, etc., and the focus is on whether they can agree to extend the suspension again.