"It's great to be back," say both Robin Olovsson and Daniel Hermansson, former teachers at Borgarskolan.

In connection with the end of their War and Peace tour in Gävle, they visited the school where it all began.

And even though it has been several years since Daniel and Robin moved away from Gävle, there were several happy reunions at the visit.

"We thought it was for the closest mourners," says Robin Olovsson about the start. But the crowd increased and in 2022 they had over 200,000 listeners.

"The podcast about everything that has happened before"

During the almost 10 years that Historiepodden has been running, they are approaching 500 episodes.

So how easy is it to find new topics?

"The story never ends, this is the podcast about everything that has happened before," says Robin Olovsson.

In the clip, we join the duo when they visited Borgarskolan and hear about their thoughts on the podcast and the tour.