"It was a truck accident that lay on its side," says the officer in charge of the emergency services Northwest, Peter Hjort, about yesterday evening's accident that occurred at 23 p.m. on the E6 northbound just south of Helsingborg.

The second accident occurred at 06 a.m. on the E6 motorway near Landskrona. It must also have tipped over and come to rest on its side.

"Extremely slippery"

According to the emergency services, the reason for the accidents is the slippery road conditions.

"It was extremely slippery out there," says officer in charge of the watch, Peter Hjort.

The E6 is still closed in the northbound direction between the Rydebäck interchange and Helsingborg south. Traffic will be diverted and the road is expected to reopen at 12 noon on Wednesday.

At this time, there are no reports of anyone being injured.