These days, somepaella, chorizo, saffron and béchamel sauce dishes sold at Marks & Spencer, in the United Kingdom, have gone viral on social media. For a price of £5.5 (which at the exchange rate is about 6.30 euros), these curious croquettes are sold that are making so much noise in the United Kingdom and that are cooked in a few minutes in the oven or air fryer.

British journalist Simon Hunter, who lives in Madrid, has been one of those who has spoken out on the matter, after a user shared the discovery on social media. Along with a clear "NO, NO, NO" in capital letters, he shared the photo of the croquettes. The United Kingdom's ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Hugh Elliot, has also expressed his opinion on Twitter on the matter: "Chorizo, yes!; paella, yes!; Croquettes, yes! All together?... M&S, what have you done?" he said.

Another user, who works as a chef, has gone to buy the product at the supermarket and recorded a video trying them, while others talk about "croquettagate". "The worst thing about #CroquetaGate is that, according to the label, they are handmade in Spain. So, I understand that somewhere in Spain there are some poor Spaniards forced to be accomplices to this gastronomic violence," says one user.