As long as there is a war going on in the Gaza Strip, there will be no activities related to Christmas in the West Bank.

"This is madness, this has become a genocide with 1.7 million people displaced," Munther Isaac, pastor of Bethlehem's Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church, told The Washington Post.

He was recently part of a delegation of Palestinian Christians who traveled to Washington to lobby for a complete ceasefire.

"Enough of death"

Both Catholics and Protestants are said to have delivered a letter to US President Joe Biden that reads, among other things:

"Enough with death. Enough destruction. There is a moral duty to impose a continuous ceasefire. There must be other ways. This is our prayer this Christmas."

Right now, a ceasefire is in place between Israel and Hamas until Thursday. It is unclear whether it will be extended.

The Christians of Palestine are among the oldest Christian societies in the world. Today, however, only 2 percent of Palestinians in the West Bank are Christians, while 1 percent are Christians in Gaza.

Christians feel threatened in Israel

Members of the delegation that traveled to Washington have condemned Hamas's terrorist acts, but say they feel threatened by Jewish extremists in Israel.

"We feel that Jewish extremists want us out of Jerusalem. They're working on it and no one is stopping them," Munther Isaac told The Washington Post.