, Beijing, November 11 (Reporter Zhang Su Xing Chong) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin presided over a regular press conference on the 29th.

A reporter asked: We noticed that yesterday morning, the first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo opened in Beijing. Premier Li Qiang delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, putting forward a four-point proposal for deepening international cooperation in the production and supply chain. Hours earlier, the White House had announced the creation of a Supply Chain Resilience Council to reduce the country's dependence on what it called high-risk foreign supplies. Some analysts believe that the attitudes of China and the United States towards the global supply chain represent two trends: open and closed. Do you have any comment?

Wang Wenbin: President Xi Jinping pointed out that maintaining the resilience and stability of global industrial and supply chains is an important guarantee for promoting the development of the world economy and is in the common interests of people around the world. China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo is the world's first national-level exhibition with the theme of supply chain, and it is also a new platform for China to promote high-level opening up and a new carrier to promote the construction of an open world economy, attracting 515 domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions to participate in the exhibition. Overseas exhibitors accounted for 26%, of which American exhibitors accounted for 20% of overseas exhibitors, including Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Intel, Qualcomm and a number of Fortune 500 and multinational companies in the United States.

Yesterday, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council attended the opening ceremony of the Chain Expo and delivered a keynote speech, pointing out that China is not only a participant and beneficiary of global industrial and supply chain cooperation, but also a firm defender and builder. China stands ready to work with all parties to make global industrial and supply chains more resilient, efficient and dynamic, and make greater contributions to world economic recovery and global development and prosperity. Premier Li Qiang put forward a four-point proposal for deepening international cooperation in industrial and supply chains, advocating joint construction of safe, stable, smooth and efficient, open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and win-win industrial and supply chains, and hoping that entrepreneurs from all countries will play an active role in promoting the steady operation of global industrial and supply chains. China will provide more convenience and better protection for enterprises from all over the world to invest and do business in China.

You mentioned that there are two trends in the international community: openness and closure, and China's choice is to continue to promote high-level opening-up and actively promote the building of an open world economy. (ENDS)