Operatives of the FSB of Russia detained a man born in 1983, who planned to commit a terrorist attack at a railway station in Moscow. This was reported by the press service of the capital's Investigative Committee.

According to the agency, in November, the attacker agreed to carry out a task received from an unidentified accomplice to commit a "terrorist act by blowing up one of the tanks of the railway station" for a monetary reward.

After that, he arrived at one of the capital's forest parks, where he took an explosive intended for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device from a place previously designated for him. Later, on one of the streets of the South-Western Administrative District, he took the detonator.

"However, he could not complete his criminal intent aimed at committing a terrorist act, since after the removal of the detonator from the cache, he was detained by operational officers of the FSB of Russia in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region," the report says.

A criminal case was initiated against the detainee under the articles "Preparation for the commission of a terrorist act" and "Attempted illegal manufacture of an explosive device". The man was taken into custody.

Terrorist attack in Voronezh

In addition, FSB officers prevented the commission of a terrorist act in Voronezh at the preparation stage.

"As a result of the measures taken, a Russian citizen born in 1986 was detained, recruited by militants of one of the Ukrainian terrorist organizations, who planned, on their instructions, to detonate an improvised explosive device on the territory of the city military commissariat with subsequent departure to Ukraine to participate in hostilities against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation," the FSB Public Relations Center said in a statement.

During the search at the place of residence of the detainee, components for the manufacture of IEDs were found and seized, as well as Internet correspondence with Ukrainian recruiters documenting criminal activity.

A criminal case was initiated against him under the articles "Preparation for a terrorist act" and "Illegal acquisition, manufacture and storage of explosive devices". The detainee was taken into custody.

  • FSB officers at the stage of preparation prevented the commission of a terrorist act in Voronezh

Last week, a citizen of Ukraine born in 1995 was detained in Voronezh, acting on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services. He was recruited in September 2022 by employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, when he was in the Kharkiv region. He was tasked with reconnoitring the address of the Russian serviceman and killing him by planting and detonating an explosive device.

For conspiracy, he used a bicycle and overalls of one of the food delivery services. An IED weighing more than 1 kg in TNT equivalent with striking elements, two electric detonators and a fake passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation were seized from him.

"In Voronezh, I was given the task of blowing up a high-ranking commander of the Russian army by the name of Anton for revenge purposes, as well as to scare other servicemen and civilians," he said during interrogation.

A criminal case was initiated against him under the article "Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transfer or carrying of explosives or explosive devices as part of an organized group." A procedural decision is also made on the qualification of the deed under the article "Terrorist act".

Preventing the criminal actions of the Kiev regime

On November 29, the FSB reported that a 36-year-old resident of the region was detained in the Kemerovo region, who decided to leave for the territory of Ukraine and join the Ukrainian paramilitary formation.

The man filled out a questionnaire to join a foreign paramilitary organization, purchased camouflage, a first aid kit, communication equipment and plane and train tickets to go to Ukraine. He was detained at the airport while checking in for the flight. A criminal case was initiated against him under the articles "High treason" and "Organization of the activities of a terrorist organization and participation in the activities of such an organization". He faces a prison sentence of 12 years to life in prison.

The day before, in Samara, the illegal activities of an accomplice of the Ukrainian special services were suppressed. The woman persuaded the Russian military participating in the special operation to go over to the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, using Internet resources discrediting the Russian Armed Forces as arguments. A criminal case was initiated against her under the article "High treason".

On November 24, a citizen of the Russian Federation, recruited by representatives of the Ukrainian special services, was detained in Feodosia on suspicion of committing treason. For a monetary reward, he searched for and transported components for Russian-made military aviation equipment to Ukraine.