Fans carry Palestinian flags ahead of the match between Celtic and Atletico Madrid, Scotland, 25 October 2023. (French)

One of the complications left by the British occupation is the waves of immigration to Britain after World War II from former British colonies, and the question that is usually asked of Indian, Arab and African immigrants to the United Kingdom is: "Why are you here?" , often answered with: "Because you were there," so simply.

Because the colonizer and the colonizer are both human beings, or in a more correct sense they are not "human animals" as the Israeli Minister of Defense said (1), in the sense that at the end of the day they are beings who interact with each other; they cooperate at times, and fight at other times, they debate once, and they agree once, so just as they can hate each other out of conflict to achieve the values and interests that each party seeks, they can also fall in love out of harmony, and even marry.

We affirm that this theoretical intervention on the common affiliation that will occur between an aggressor and an aggressed party, and the talk about how the consciousness of both will crystallize so that they can live together, stems mainly from the desire of the two groups to escape the grip of "animalism", so to speak, on human behavior, and its control over its perception. In other words, for this to happen, humans must decide to be human, but with "human animals" using cluster bombs leaving behind landmines that will remain even after the war is over,[2] or those that bomb barrel bombs with white phosphorus to make children's bodies more inflamed, they are subject to another theory.

From Asia to England. From Gaza to Israel

It was strange what happened in Celtic's last match against Atletico Madrid, when the Scottish team's stadium was decorated with Palestinian flags. (Anatolia)

A Pakistani man arrives on English soil in the sixties, meets a beautiful Kenyan woman, and they agree to marry. Like any immigrant who does not want his children to go through the difficulties he and his wife have gone through, the father decides that the son must receive a good education in the best schools in Glasgow. After graduating from university, the boy becomes involved in politics, progressing in positions, from parliamentary assistant to member of the Scottish Parliament, and from minister to Prime Minister of Scotland.

In 2019, after Hamza Yusuf became Prime Minister of Scotland(3), he meets Nadia Al-Naqla. Nadia, in turn, is the daughter of Majed al-Naqla, a Palestinian immigrant who fell in love with a delicate English nurse named Elizabeth. Then, in October 2023, the Palestinian, the Scottish Prime Minister's father-in-law and his wife travel to the Gaza Strip to visit his sick relative, only to become part of a deal to bring aid into the Strip in exchange for foreigners to leave.[4]

If we reflect on this story, we may understand what happened in Celtic's last match against Atletico Madrid, where the Scottish team's stadium was decorated with Palestinian flags, so what prompted a Scottish nurse to marry a Palestinian immigrant and end up in Gaza besieged? And why is a stadium in "Great Britain" covered with the flags of an Arab country to which they have never went?

The answer to this question lies in the very history of Britain, the United Kingdom has not always been united (5), and Scotland, which is currently one of the four countries that together make up this kingdom, had a long history of wars with England, stretching from the early fourteenth century until the end of the sixteenth, so that Celtic fans showed that they still remember all this after their obituary for Queen Elizabeth, by chanting in the stands insulting songs aimed at the royal family.

However, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales managed to form a federal state under a constitutional monarchy, which empowered it to create a unified economy and a common army, all the way to the sport in which the four countries decided to compete in the Olympic Games under the name Great Britain. So how did this happen?

Answer questions

Palestinian flags are raised inside the stadium of the Scottish team "Celtic" in their last match against Atletico Madrid. (Anatolia)

Fusion, chemists define fusion as the process by which two light atomic nuclei merge to form a single, heavier atomic nucleus. Socially and politically, integration is the state of stability reached by ethnically and religiously different groups located in a single geographical area after the development of their collective consciousness, which leads them to the formation of a conviction that the state in which these groups live is a "supra-identity" entity that can assume responsibility for protecting the rights of all citizens regardless of their nationality, races and religions.

We are not here to carry out a cosmetic operation for English colonialism, which adopted force and coercion to impose its culture and language, and reaped many times more from its colonies than from its industrial revolution, but we want to understand why Zionist settler colonialism failed to reach the same result with the Palestinians after eighty years of occupation.

In other words, the Arabs have succeeded to some extent in overcoming the crimes of English colonialism, and now the Egyptians are cheering Liverpool in the Premier League, so will the Palestinian be able to support Maccabi Haifa one day? Will a future Palestinian football fan be able to jump, dance, chant and light shamarikh to motivate an Israeli football team? As Algerians are doing now, for example, with Marseille, despite French colonialism and the old hostility that claimed the lives of a million Algerians?

"We know and pretend we don't know"

We are facing a human group that possesses a religious identity that has been disintegrated into a cultural heritage, and the main component of this identity is simply an ethnicity that excludes the Palestinian in particular, and the non-Jew in general. (Reuters)

First of all, it should be noted that Israel is the only theocratic state in the world. That is, it is the only country that still to this moment gives human beings anywhere on earth its passports because of their religion (6). The irony here is that religious Jews in Israel are a minority, as opposed to a majority who see Judaism as more of a question of race and culture than a religion and rituals practiced (7). This apparent contradiction within Israeli society, which has recently been fraught with a legacy of persecution in Europe, makes many see Israel as a state that feeds on "hatred of Palestinians," because if Israel does not hate the Palestinians, it will hate itself.

This was evident before the outbreak of the "Al-Aqsa flood", when secular and religious Zionists ran over each other in the streets because of the attempt of the current government, which contains a number of extremist ministers, to reduce the powers of the Supreme Court (8), this happened after the Palestinian cause subsided from the Israeli political arena and Israel was reassured of normalization with its Arab neighbors. So we are facing a human group that possesses a religious identity that has been decomposed into a cultural heritage, and the main component of this identity is simply an ethnicity that alienates the Palestinian in particular, and the non-Jew in general, and excludes him from that group, not only because the Palestinian is bad from their point of view, but because Israel always needs an enemy.

Israel/Gaza – White Men's Guide

There are Israeli bills whose purpose seems not to prevent Palestinians from owning or even expelling land, but always to oppress and humiliate Palestinians. (Anatolia)

In fact, Israel did not even adhere to the Anglo-French model of colonialism: while the descendants of Sykes and Picot pursued policies that weakened the material capacity of the inhabitants of the settlements and undermined their will, Israel completely crushed the physical presence of Palestinians in Gaza, and while the French and British exploited the inhabitants of the colonies for their work, Israel did not even want to do so except in proportions and conditions, so the unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip is one of the highest in the world.

In other words, imperialist colonialism stripped the colonizers of their rights as groups, while later giving them space as individuals with minimal civil and political rights, which enabled them, albeit relatively, to produce feelings of belonging to the colonizer and deceive themselves by being part of a possibly more developed entity than them.

Israel's settler colonialism has not even been able to confer this luxury on an individual level, as there are Israeli bills whose purpose seems not to prevent Palestinians from owning or even expelling land, all of which are necessary for Jewish agricultural cooperatives, but the aim is always to oppress and humiliate the Palestinian as an individual, as the Palestinians themselves say. An example of this is the law that enables an Arab to buy a house in Jerusalem if he brings the consent of ten Jews from his neighbors. And who will do it in the first place? (9)

Children killing children. So where is the problem?

Of course, both imperialist and settler colonialism killed indigenous people and targeted civilian lives, but even when the English and French did, they probably did not target children as Israel did. Even in Srebrenica, when Serbs exterminated 6,<> Bosnian children, they did so during a three-year war.

Just as history is full of clumsy statements by senior officials, it is difficult to find a statement such as that made by an Israeli Knesset member, Merav Ben-Ari, when she said weeks ago that it was the children of Gaza who brought this to themselves, pointing out that thousands of children have been killed since the beginning of the aggression on the Strip, to the extent that civil society organizations in Gaza are facing difficulty in counting bodies (10).

My former boss MK @AidaTuma said in Knesset that no child, neither Jew nor Palestinian, is guilty and that no child should be a victim of this blood cycle.
MK Merav Ben-Ari, a member of Lapid'a party, responded: "The children in Gaza brought it upon themselves."

— Nimrod Flaschenberg (@Nimrod_Flash) October 16, 2023

Perhaps the West's greatest sin is to give birth to Israel and then treat Zionists as children who never grow up, and the tragedy was that Israelis believe at this moment that they can never be held accountable, to the point of officially making statements that they can harm other people's children without feeling guilty.

The Israeli people are making sense of killing children now because they believe in themselves that they are the feisty child of the West, and if they harm the children of Palestine, adults cannot intervene among the little ones if they quarrel. Even these infants are not really infants, they are just terrorists who have not yet grown up, and if they are not slaughtered, their bodies will surely grow, and then they will become "Nazis," or worse.

Because nations have a memory like a human being, the Palestinian (human/nation) will never be able to forget what Israel has done since October 7, and in the future he will not be able to produce trivial patterns that enable him to forget Israel's crimes, after the latter threw all the human psychological complexes on Gaza in a strange way in one month. Therefore, the Palestinian whose passion for football was shown on camera during the last World Cup will not succeed in cheering on Maccabi Haifa. First, because the Israeli club will remain a second-tier club compared to its counterparts in Europe, and second, because it is very likely that after what the resistance has accomplished, the Palestinians will one day return to Haifa immediately after Israel's demise, to have a football team that they enthusiastically support.



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