The U.S. Agency for International Development is conducting market research to gauge organizations' interest in the new project, which will have a budget of $10 million.

"The USAID Mission in Armenia is developing a program tentatively titled 'Advancing Human Rights in Armenia', which aims to advance human rights and fundamental freedoms in Armenia by preventing and responding to human rights violations, as well as strengthening the protection of rights," the document says.

For example, U.S. experts intend to strengthen human rights institutions and oversight mechanisms, as well as "increase public demand for protection of rights and improve access to them." In this case, human rights will be "more protected," and violations in this area will be more effectively prevented and eliminated, USAID is convinced.

According to political analyst Alexander Dudchak, the American program will become another "treatment" of Armenia.

"Now they (the United States. — RT) have actively taken up the processing of Armenia. USAID is an organization that participates in a large number of areas: both in the energy sector and in the banking sector. What they are doing now is the first step. They are looking at what to focus their attention on in order to turn Armenia into another anti-Russia," the expert said in a conversation with RT.

Previously, USAID planned to provide communication support to Armenia and increase the level of trust in the government within the country.