The United States has recently witnessed many activities condemning the Israeli aggression and condemning the American position (French)

A number of lawmakers and activists in the United States of America began a hunger strike to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, and announced this from outside the White House to influence decision-makers in the US government to end the war immediately.

Participants in the strike, including Delaware Rep. Wilson Anton, New York Rep. Zahran Mamdani, Oklahoma Rep. Murray Turner, Virginia Rep. Sam Rasul and Michigan Rep. Abraham Ayyash, announced they would abstain from food for five days.

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"We have 15,000 civilians killed in 7 wks, 70% whom our children & women. That's more civilians than were killed in 20 yrs of war in Afghanistan"@CynthiaNixon joins hunger strike of activists at White House to demand ceasefire #FreePalestine

— #StopCopCity (@ChuckModi1) November 27, 2023

Participants noted that they chose to abstain from food, as it is the least act they can do for the besieged children and women of Gaza who are denied the least rights, which is food and water, and the deputies chose this place so that the hunger strike draws attention to "the fact that the United States government, our president, and congressional leaders are funding this starvation policy with their continued support for the occupation."

"We don't want the ongoing destruction against civilians & we don't want an illegal Israeli military occupation. The issue of Palestine is the human rights issue of our generation." @XOAMANI among activists launching hunger strike calling for a ceasefire #FreePalestine

— #StopCopCity (@ChuckModi1) November 27, 2023

"We're sending American taxpayer money to bomb communities in Gaza, and I don't think our president is using his influence to the extent that he can reach a permanent ceasefire," Wilson-Anton city representative said.

Emmy and Grammy-winning actress Cynthia Nixon joined the strike, speaking of the thousands killed in less than 50 days, 70 percent of them children and women, and protesters staging a nightly vigil in solidarity with the victims in Gaza.

BREAKING: Activist groups, state legislators (& Cynthia Nixon) launch hunger strike at White House for a permanent ceasefire. #FreePalestine

— #StopCopCity (@ChuckModi1) November 27, 2023

"As the mother of Jewish children whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, my son asked me to use my voice and my platform accounts to chant the word 'never happen again,' which refers to not repeating genocide and apartheid as happened to Jews and standing up the world against it," Cynthia said.

Today we begin a hunger strike in front of the White House demanding a permanent ceasefire.

— Sumaya Awad (@sumayaawad) November 27, 2023

"As an American, I am here to call on our president to stop funding the mass murder and starvation of thousands of innocent Palestinians, the majority of whom are children and women, and President Biden must use this moment to negotiate a permanent ceasefire, bringing all hostages and political prisoners home and beginning to lay the foundation for a lasting peace," the renowned actress continued.

HAPPENING NOW: A coalition of Palestinian, Jewish, and racial justice organizations are launching a hunger strike outside the White House to say: permanent ceasefire now.

Over 14,850 Palestinians have been killed: Biden must act now to save lives.#HungerStrikeForCeasefire

— Beth Miller (@bethavemiller) November 27, 2023

"We read their names here in front of the White House to honor these Palestinians, to humanize them, and to make it clear that they are not just numbers." @ZohranKMamdani ends the first day of the #HungerStrikeForCeasefire in front of the White House.

— Beth Miller (@bethavemiller) November 28, 2023

This week we are escalating our tactics: we are hunger striking as we call for a permanent #CeasefireNow

President Biden: #StopTheGenocide

— Madinah Wilson-Anton (@MadinahForDE) November 27, 2023

Source : Al Jazeera