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Mariana Budanova, wife of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), Kirilo Budanov, is receiving treatment after being poisoned with heavy metals, a source with knowledge of the case told the Ukrainian state news agency, Ukrinform.

"Mariana Budanova was poisoned with heavy metals. He's getting treatment," the anonymous source told the agency.

Ukrainian military intelligence has not denied the information and will rule on the case shortly, the GUR's press service told Ukrinform.

A military intelligence source told the Ukrainian publication Babel that Mariana Budanova is in hospital, where she was admitted after "a prolonged deterioration" of her health condition.

The substances detected in the woman's body "are in no way used in daily life or for military purposes." "Their presence would indicate a deliberate poisoning attempt of a specific person," the source added.

Budanov has implicitly acknowledged the responsibility of the agency he leads in various actions inside Russia against Russian military targets and senior officials.

Russian agents have been behind assassinations by poisoning dissidents in recent years.

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