It was just before half past seven on Sunday evening, May 14, that a man in his 20s was shot dead on Artillerigatan in Landskrona.

About two weeks after the murder, two men were arrested and are now being prosecuted at Lund District Court. The youngest of them is from Gothenburg and is charged with the murder, while the other is from Landskrona and he is charged with aiding and abetting murder.

"Among other things, he is said to have made his home available to the shooter," says Maja Kjällén, prosecutor.

The Landskrona resident denies any wrongdoing.

Energy drinks – part of the evidence

There were many who witnessed the murder. It happened relatively early on Sunday evening and the weather was summer-like.

"The place is outside a small supermarket, next to which is a restaurant. It was one of the first warm evenings with a lot of people outdoors and a lot of people on the restaurant's outdoor terrace," says Maja Källén.

Part of the evidence is witness testimony that describes how a dark-clad perpetrator arrives on an electric bike, buys an energy drink, takes a few sips and places it on the roof of a car.

The suspected killer then fires nine shots, five of them hitting the 20-year-old leading to his death. The 19-year-old's DNA was found on the energy can.

"The victim is hit while sitting in the car, he gets out of the car, manages to run a few meters but then collapses. Then the shooter goes after the victim, stands above him and shoots, executes him, says Maja Källén.

He also denies any wrongdoing.

Workplace bomb attack

Shortly after the two men were arrested and then detained, a restaurant was blown up on the same street where the murder took place. The 21-year-old Landskrona resident worked there, but the prosecutor does not want to speculate on the fact that the murder and the bombing are connected.

"That investigation is not led by me, but it is clear that the police have looked at possible connections.

The two young men are also charged with several crimes, including aggravated weapons offenses.

According to the prosecutor, there are no links between the three people.

"This is increasingly the case in murder investigations," says Maja Källén.