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It seems that Elon Musk's attempts to appease those who were angry with him and accused him of anti-Semitism did not bear the desired results, as he decided to resort to a new step that provoked wide interaction, by visiting the occupied Palestinian territories, meeting with Israeli officials and touring the settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip.

Only a few weeks after the crisis caused by the suspension of the US billionaire Musk, who was accused of anti-Semitism, was attacked and widely criticized even by the White House, in addition to launching a campaign against him supported by major companies that banned their advertising.

The X owner did not intercede for saying he was not anti-Semitic and announcing that all advertising proceeds and subscriptions related to the war on the Gaza Strip would be donated to hospitals in Israel and to the Red Cross and Red Crescent in Gaza.

Musk's last step was to appear in the occupied Palestinian territories and meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took him on a tour to Kibbutz Kfar Azza in the Gaza Strip, which was one of the theaters of the Al-Aqsa flood attack on the seventh of last October.

Musk appeared wearing a bulletproof vest and surrounded by heavily armed people, and upon arrival tweeted on his VX account: "Actions speak louder than words."

On the sidelines of the visit, Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Qurei announced a preliminary agreement between his ministry and Musk that the Starlink system, which provides satellite internet service, will not operate in the Gaza Strip without Israel's approval.

Musk had previously announced that he would provide this service to international organizations operating in the Gaza Strip, after Israel cut off Internet and communications services to the Gaza Strip, and then Qurei vowed to prevent this.

Netanyahu did not miss Musk's visit, hosting a live chat with Musk on his X account regarding the war on Gaza, in which he talked about the need to "destroy" the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to achieve "security, peace and a better life for the Palestinians in Gaza," to which Musk replied: "There is no choice."

"Maneuver" to avoid loss

Musk's visit to the Gaza envelope and his meeting with Herzog and Netanyahu provoked wide reactions on social media, part of which was monitored by the Shaabat program (2023/11/28), including Mustafa's question, "Can Musk go to Gaza as he went to Israel? I think not, because he doesn't have his decision. I expect him to be fair and go to Gaza to see the reality of the Zionists."

In the same vein, Al-Khorifi addressed him with his tweet, "Elon Musk, if you are honestly interested in the meanings of humanity, you visit Israel, and you look at the actions of Hamas as Netanyahu described to you. So, visit Gaza, and look at Israel's actions without having to explain to anyone."

While Abdo believes – in his tweet – that "Elon Musk does not care about what Israel did in Gaza of killing, destruction and extermination of civilians, even premature babies, all of this does not matter to him, but only money (only)."

Ahmad al-Gamal wrote: "Israel bombed its settlements in the Gaza envelope with warplanes to promote its false narratives. One day, Elon Musk will discover that he has fallen into the trap of Israel's lies, because the whole world knows the truth."

As for Hamid, he believes that what Elon Musk did is a "maneuver", saying: "He had to visit Israel; after the advertising blockade on the X platform, the stock exchange reduced the shares of his companies."

In this context, activists launched the hashtag (#ELONGOTOGAZA) in which they invite Musk to visit Gaza, while the painter Osama Hajjaj addressed the visit with a cartoon that showed Netanyahu tearfully pointing to Musk to the window of a broken house in a settlement, while obscuring the destruction of Gaza with a white curtain in an image.

Musk has not yet commented on the nature of his visit to Israel, its goals and results, but this was not his first meeting with Netanyahu, as he met him last September in California, USA, to talk about combating hate speech and anti-Semitism on the X platform.

Source : Al Jazeera