, November 11 According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network", the chip foundry company TSMC is famous all over the world for its excellent technology, but the high-pressure environment of militarized management has also made many people unbearable, and the comprehensive score on the American workplace evaluation platform Glassdoor is only 28.3 stars, which has caused heated discussions among PTT netizens on Taiwan's Internet forum.

TSMC's various ratings on Glassdoor received the highest 3.6 stars for financial support such as treatment and benefits, and the worst was the possibility of life-work balance, with only 2.1 stars, showing that most people believe that it is difficult to balance the quality of life at TSMC.

Taiwanese Internet forum PTT netizens saw the score bluntly said "too tragic" to cause discussion, but others had different views and agreed that it was not surprising, and some netizens left a message saying, "It didn't collapse, it wasn't that high" "I remember it was 2.9 before." ”

In addition, some netizens mentioned that cultural differences are the reason why it is difficult to improve the score, and some netizens left a message saying, "The fact is that of course there will be problems in the past if you directly copy things from Taiwan", "I still want to make chips back to the United States with such pressure resistance", "It is difficult for Americans to adapt to the production line, it will be low, it is not surprising." ”

In August, TSMC postponed the mass production time of the American factory on the grounds of "lack of sufficient skilled workers", which was bombarded by the media in the mail of the Arizona labor union, questioning TSMC's desire to introduce cheap manpower.