"It's a tug-of-war for young people and we have a public discussion with the major employers about not snatching them before they have finished high school," says Oskar Lundgren, head of business in Vansbro.

According to the latest statistics from the Swedish National Agency for Education, Vansbro has the lowest proportion of upper secondary school students graduating of the county's municipalities.

"Many people quit without complete grades, and one of the explanations may be that it's easy to get a job and then the motivation is lower.

Low unemployment among young people

Vansbro has the country's lowest youth unemployment, according to the Swedish Public Employment Service's latest statistics. Employers are found in the health and social care sector and industries, among others. One of the largest employers is the online store Lyko.

"Society and people need a secure base in the form of a job, and we are proud and happy to be able to contribute with that," says Anna Persson, Logistics Manager at Lyko.

Great need for labour

The need for labour in the municipality is great and recruiting within the municipality is far from enough.

"Our employers need around 1000,<> people within the next five years," says Oskar Lundgren.

"We already have a lot of people commuting from neighbouring municipalities. We will grow in both the number of employees but also the degree of automation in order for the business to grow," says Anna Persson.

This is how Lyko thinks about employing many young people – see more in the video.