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In the last two years, the Blonde Nancys have become one of the most sought-after groups at open-air dances, festivals and private parties. In fact, in 2022 the band had more than 50 gigs and this year they have played almost 40 events. In other words, Juan Pedro del Moral, Miguel Balanzategui, Mario Vaquerizo and his sister Marta are in an excellent moment. Especially Marta, who is also tasting success thanks to Marta Vaquerizo Jewelry, her jewelry brand, which offers original rings, necklaces and earrings.

"First, I'd like to say that Marta Vaquerizo Jewelry is not a whim. I didn't wake up one day and say 'I want to make a brand'. No, this is the result of a life trajectory. It's the consequence of a path I took at the age of 18, when I started studying Art History," Marta tells LOC, and then reveals the origin of her interest in metals. "I've always been interested in jewelry. As a child, I played with the ones my mother and grandmother had. I told them I wanted to dress up as a princess and they would grant my wish," she says.

"I feel like I grew up surrounded by jewelry. That's why when I got older, I decided to study Art History. The problem? I felt like they didn't have the subjects I wanted, like Currency and Medal in the Renaissance and Spanish Symbolism. For example, there was a subject called Silver Cutlery and they took it away because no one was going, I loved it! So I decided to look for chestnuts and found a diploma at an auction house, which helped me explore the world of decorative arts," he says.

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After finishing his degree, Vaquerizo embarked on a new journey: that of teaching. And, in her words, "passing on her knowledge" made her "infinitely happy." "I spent three years teaching. He would go to places like the Costume Museum and talk about wonderful things. As well as the social changes in the United States, through the jewels of Dynasty or Miami Vice. I also did a lecture called History of the Twentieth Century, through Cartier's Jewels. I don't know if you know this, but it's perfectly possible to tell the story through the jewels that it brings to people at different times," she explains.

According to Marta, she loved giving lectures. But, at age 37, he found he wanted "so much more." One day I felt the need to learn how to make jewelry. I studied the situation, saw that it was viable and left absolutely everything to enter the School of Artistic Jewelry. When I started, I had no other pretension than to learn the trade. But, when I finished the first course, I chose to take a risk: I grabbed the dining room table, bought four tools and started doing the things I loved," he says.

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"In the beginning, I did everything at home. But when I went back to the second grade, I met a wonderful man. The owner of the workshop of one of the most important jewellery houses in Spain... And I acquired their space. At that point, I became a full-time jeweler. With all that academic training, I was very clear about how I wanted things to be. Even today I design absolutely everything, because my ideas are very clear. I knew I wanted to bet on a handmade jewelry brand, which would be characterized by ennobling materials such as brass," she says.

At the beginning of 2020, Marta had everything ready to launch her brand on the market. But the pandemic ruined his plans. "Covid put my project on hold. In fact, that's why the brand's animal is the lynx. Because he has patience, he doesn't get ahead of himself. If I did, I wouldn't survive and I'm a little bit like that. So, I waited and, in 2021 we launched Marta Vaquerizo Jewelry, which is my passion. It's been a tough road, but deeply satisfying. I've had to put up with it a little bit, but today my head is abuzz with ideas and I'm not even interested in comparing myself to others," he says.

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Marta says she doesn't care about the other goldsmiths. She knows that her pieces are unique and is confident in the loyalty of her customers. "I do what I like. For example, I love rosaries and we have one with a lynx. There are people who might think that this is something subversive, pagan. But no... I do them, simply, because I want to. I stand behind my work and I think that's the way things should be done. That's why the brand performs... A lot. I've worked hard, but the uptake has been good. Normally, people who buy always come back," he says.

And what about music? According to Marta, jewelry occupies a large part of her agenda. Despite this, he always has time for the popular band he formed with his brother in 2004. "When we left, we wanted to play just once... And that rolled in a way! Now we don't stop playing. It's outrageous. But I'm happy. I manage to reconcile music and jewellery beautifully. But I'm not going to deny that I sacrifice certain things. For example, I would like to spend more time with my boyfriend, whose name is José Ángel, at his house in the Sierra. Even so, we see each other a lot and we are phenomenal," he concludes.