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The Israeli occupation army declared the city of Jenin a closed military zone, after the occupation forces stormed the city, where the raid included armed confrontations with Palestinian resistance fighters in the city of Jenin and the vicinity of its camp.

Al-Jazeera correspondent stated that large forces of the Israeli occupation army, accompanied by bulldozers, stormed the city of Jenin, amid the deployment of snipers on the roofs of a number of buildings and the sound of sirens in the camp and the city.

The Israeli occupation forces also surrounded a house amid overflight of marches over the city, and Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that 3 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli occupation forces' bullets besieging Jenin and Ibn Sina hospitals.

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that large forces of the occupation army, accompanied by bulldozers, stormed the city from several axes, raided several neighborhoods, deployed snipers on the roofs of a number of high-rise buildings, and imposed a siege on Jenin camp from all sides.

Activists circulated videos on social media showing Israeli military vehicles and gunfire being heard.

According to a statement by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Israeli army detained one of the ambulance crews of the Society in front of Jenin Governmental Hospital, and prevented the transfer of a wounded person with live bullets in the foot to the hospital, adding that the occupation army later arrested the injured from inside the ambulance at the entrance to the hospital.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies