The two teenagers accused of murdering Brianna Ghey in a park near Warrington had a list of five children they wanted to kill, he heard in court trying them.

The prosecutor's representative, Deanna Heer, read during the trial a message that was sent between the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the 16-year-old transsexual tiktoker: "If we can't kill (a boy designated with the letter E) tomorrow, then we can kill Brianna."

To which his co-defendant replied, "Yes, it will be easier and I want to see if she will scream like a man or like a girl."

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British police investigate the murder of 16-year-old transgender TikToker Brianna Ghey

  • Written by: REUTERS Liverpool

British police investigate the murder of 16-year-old transgender TikToker Brianna Ghey


British police charge two 15-year-olds with the murder of transgender TikToker Brianna Ghey

  • Written by: REUTERS / EFE

British police charge two 15-year-olds with the murder of transgender TikToker Brianna Ghey

During the first day of the trial, the prosecution stated that the victim had been stabbed 28 times, and claimed that the defendants, described as people who had shown "interest" in "violence, torture and death," "planned and executed together their plan to kill Brianna Ghey," reports AFP.

The trial of the two young men, whose names cannot be made public for legal reasons, will last between three and four weeks.

Her alleged killers are accused of plotting the murder for several weeks, if not months, before luring her to Culcheth Linear Park under the guise of getting high on cocaine, the jury heard.

They had planned to kill Brianna a fortnight earlier, but were thwarted when she cancelled at the last minute, the court was told, The Guardian reports.

Each of the defendants points the finger at the other for the murder, according to what could be heard in court on Monday.

The defendants had known each other since they were 11 years old and were "close friends who were in regular contact and trusted each other," prosecutor Deanna Heer said. Much of the evidence against him is contained in his message exchanges before and after the assassination.

The girl, referred to only as X, met Brianna in November 2022. She told the boy, Y, that she was "obsessed" with Brianna, whom she described as "really different." She told the boy in December 2022, "I'm obsessed with someone I know but I don't have feelings for him... Her name is Brianna... I don't know how to explain it. He's got a dick lol, too," according to the British newspaper's account.

By January 2023, X's interest in Brianna had "gotten darker," Heer said. That's when X started talking about killing Brianna with a pill overdose, saying people "already know she's depressed and that shit so no one suspects," the court heard.

Brianna was one of five children X and Y talked about as a killer, the court heard. One of the targets was a child referred to by the court as E, whom Y called "nonce." They planned to kill him by hanging him with a rope in Linear Park, trying to lure him through a fake Instagram account created by X, the jury heard.

But the court was told that E soon blocked the fake account, so X said, "If we can't locate E tomorrow, we can kill Brianna." And he agreed, the jury listened, saying, "yes, it'll be easier and I want to see if she'll scream like a man or a girl."

Brianna Ghey was found stabbed to death, with a 13-centimeter hunting knife, on February 11 in a park in Culchet, not far from her hometown of Warrington, near Liverpool.

In the aftermath of the killing, thousands of people paid tribute to Brianna Ghey at candlelight vigils held in towns and cities across the country. Some participants carried signs calling for "protection for trans youth" and "justice for Brianna."

Brianna's funeral was held in pink, and her casket was transported in a hearse pulled by two horses with pink feathers on their heads.

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