• Rumours Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio... The news that speaks of a serious crisis in the couple
  • And Pilar Rubio? The mysterious woman Sergio Ramos posed with on the red carpet of the Latin Grammys

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are about to end the year at the center of controversy, due to the insistent rumors of crisis surrounding their marriage. Voices that assure that the couple would be more distanced than ever, after celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary and that, for the moment, have not received denial from any of the protagonists. That being the case, and far from taking the heat out of the matter, the footballer's latest public appearance has only added fuel to the fire of the situation.

What at first should be an image of family unity among all the members of the Ramos clan, has become, on the contrary, the object of controversy beyond Sergio's beautiful message to his mother: "Few things fill me with more pride than being 'Paqui's son'. Because, Mom, your family is filled with pride in your love, your kindness, your joy and all those qualities that have helped us to be better every day of our lives. You have leprechaun and weare lucky to enjoy it by your side. We love you, old lady. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, mom!" she wrote. Along with the message, a set of images that showed the player kissing and hugging his mother and siblings in a meaningful family pose in which Pilar Rubio has been conspicuous by her absence.

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Although Lorena Gómez, René Ramos' partner, does not appear in the images either, it has been especially revealing that Pilar has not written a comment publicly congratulating her mother-in-law either. What's more, the collaborator of El Hormiguero has been especially active on social networks, paying a heartfelt tribute to a personal friend who has married and for whom she served as a bridesmaid dressed in red and leather jacket. However, there was no sign of words for Sergio's mother at a key moment for both of them. As expected, the comments of Internet users only increased the idea that between Sergio and Pilar, things could be cooling down by leaps and bounds.

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An alleged crisis that would have already been evidenced in the presentation of Sergio as Sevilla's new signing. An act in which both were serious and hardly exchanged gestures of affection and that was the starting signal to some conjectures that neither of them has wanted to stop, as on other occasions. And after this, the rumors of third parties on the part of Sergio and an appearance of the player on the red carpet of the Latin Grammys accompanied by his sister and not by his wife, as at first seemed to be expected.

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