U.S. Senate (Al Jazeera - Archive)

NBC News reported that a group of Democratic senators met with senior Israeli military officials to discuss "the war between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)" and concerns about the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said at least 10 senators attended Monday's meeting, stressing that one of the goals of the meeting was "to make sure that the Israeli military is committed to American values while trying to dismantle Hamas, and we have conveyed this collectively and clearly" to the Israelis.

It also quoted Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders as saying, "It was useful and important to hear the Israeli military point of view, but I think there should be conditions on any U.S.-approved assistance to Israel."

"The idea of giving Israel $14 billion simply and without any conditions would be counterproductive, and I think the American people are very concerned about the number of women and children who have been killed (in Gaza) so far," Sanders said.

The meeting also touched on questions about the phase that will follow the truce - which ends on Wednesday - and Senator Chris Van Hollen (a Democrat representing Maryland), who also attended the meeting, said that during the meeting they exchanged views on the current situation and after the end of the temporary truce.

On Oct. 20, the US administration submitted a request to Congress to approve more than $14 billion in aid to Israel and other programs, including $5.6 billion for logistical support, infrastructure and other assistance to facilitate the lives of Palestinians displaced from Gaza to neighboring countries.

The request was approved by the US House of Representatives in early November, despite the voices raised in America to demand an end to the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza, which killed more than 15,31 martyrs, most of them children and women, and resulted in the injury of more than <>,<> Palestinians.

Source : Al Jazeera + American Press